Star Wars Legion: 2024 Championship: Monthly Tournament

Star Wars Legion: 2024 Championship: Monthly Tournament


Battle your way across the Galaxy every month, and pave your path to being crowned the Grand Champion of 2024!


Where: The Hall of Heroes Campbelltown


09:00 Registration
09:15 Round One
11.45 Lunch & Painting Judging
12:15 Round Two
14:45 Round Three
17:15 Awards Ceremony
17:30 Venue Closes


Points: 800
Army Starting CP: N/A
Rule Set: Galactic Conquest
Limits: As per normal restrictions



Best General (based on scenario results)
Best Painted (unit or character chosen by player to be judged by staff)
Best Sports (players rank their opponents 3, 2, 1, much like at a sports event)
Best Overall (based on points scored across the other three categories)

What to Bring:

  • Your army!
  • Army roster
  • Rulebook, FAQs, relevant cards for your force
  • Dice, templates, measuring tools, tokens
  • A relaxed and happy to play mindset

When time is called, it is dice down and tally up the game, this is to help us stay on track to finish within business hours.

Rules, Points are here