Ikoria Commander 2020

Title: Arcane Maelstrom
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Commander 2020 consists of five preconstructed theme decks, the first time since Commander 2016, and features twenty premium foil commanders. The five 100-card decks contain 322 different cards in total. There are 71 new cards legal in Vintage and Legacy. These are set in the world of Ikoria, though the reprints can be from anywhere. There are a handful of cards from the main Ikoria set in the reprint slots, but the number is fairly small. These Ikoria reprints retain the Ikoria expansion symbol and collector numbers. All other cards, including the other reprints and the new cards, have their own expansion symbol and set code (C20) to set them apart.

Each package contains 1 foil oversized Commander card, a 100 card deck, 10 double-sided tokens, 1 deck box, 1 life wheel and keyword counter punch card. Each deck features 17 new cards, with some of them appearing in several decks. They also feature four legendary foils instead of the usual three, with two of them having partner with.[4] The latter represent the bonders and their monsters from Ikoria.

The following cards are included in every deck: Arcane Signet, Bonder's Ornament, Command Tower, Exotic Orchard, and Sol Ring.

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