D&D Frameworks Miniatures

D&D Frameworks Miniatures

The Hall of Heroes is pleased to announce that we have have been chosen as one of only two spotlight stores in NSW for this new and exciting range of miniatures from Wizkids!

To help promote Dungeons & Dragons Frameworks we will be receiving in-store promotional material, and box loads of miniatures for everyone to get their hands on.

We'll also be receiving advance copies of the kits very shortly, which we will be showcasing in our live-stream hobby sessions.

Wave 1 of the new range features 16 miniatures of extreme detail. Further details about this will be forthcoming.

What are Frameworks Minis?

Made of rigid, high-impact polystyrene (“HIPS”, the same material used by leading edge miniature companies like Games Workshop, etc.), Frameworks sprue minis come unassembled on plastic frames (a.k.a. “sprues”), with multiple options designed to let you customise your figure to your liking. Using HIPS lets us show even more detail than our unpainted minis, and lets you assemble them in more dynamic poses.

Designed with more experienced miniature-hobbyists in mind, these minis require at least a hobby knife to remove them from their frames, and some glue to assemble them. We also recommend using primer for the best results.


Value-Added Spare Parts

WizKids made sure to include enough parts so that you can create the look you want, and each sprue also comes with a number of “figure-agnostic” spare parts that are themed to go with the figure—but can also be mixed and matched with any other mini in the sprue line (or even with our unpainted miniatures).

“Number ID” Parts

To help make these figures even better, we took the idea of spare parts a little further with our Multi-Packs—packages that contain enough sprues to create multiple figures, like orcs, skeletons, kobolds, and so on—by including several small objects in groups of one, two, and three.

You can use these to add a subtle “number ID” to these miniatures, so you can tell at a glance, for example, that the skeleton warrior with a total of five arrows sticking out of its base is “Skeleton #5.” Each Multi-Pack includes enough of these parts to number up to at least six figures, and just like other spare parts, you can mix and match them between miniatures.

New Packaging

Single Box:

A sprue “Single” pack usually contains just one miniature, on one frame. This size covers virtually all standard-sized character minis, and a few monsters. Examples: Orc Barbarian (75011), Elf Monk (75027), Wight (75052), Mind Flayer (75042).

Fat Pack:

Larger or more complex figures go into a “Fat-Pack.” These are usually two frames. Examples: Beholder (75041), Troll (75043), Ogre (75057), Basilisk (75060).


The largest single figures require a “Double” pack, with as many as three frames. Examples: Hill Giant (75049), Stone Giant (75076).


Multiple figures go into “Multi-Packs,” with several frames, and enough figure bodies to make seven or even eight miniatures—along with spare parts to help you identify which is which during a game. Examples: Orcs (75066), Kobolds (75067).


The biggest and best sprue miniatures go into the “Premium” pack. This class of miniatures require multiple sprues to cover all of the parts and pieces that you can use to build a truly impressive figure on the tabletop. In Wave 1, there’s only one example: the imposing Balor (75070).