Professor Gerhardts Plastic Lab Gallery

Yetti Time
Matt : Why does it look like a Yetti Threw Up Gerhardt: It will be fine, I will make it look like rock. Matt: Suurrree
Matt: Gerhardt why is there a statue in the middle of the foot bridge? Gerhardt with a shrug: Cause it looks cool. Matt: But how did people walk across it before it colapsed. Gerhardt: Well its not a bloody bridge now is it Matt: Fair enough
Progress is Being Made.
Gerhardt has used Insulation foam and not an insignificant amount of spak filla to "blend" the rocks in
The Side of the Building
Just as a indication of how much green stuff work Gerhardt has ahead of him he will be blending all the buildings into the base and into each other.
Rear Gate
The Gate will be built into rock which will be blended into the side of the building.
The front of the new Manor being built In Professor Gerhardts plastics lab.