Warhammer 40,000 Duel Strike Doubles Tournament

Event - Star Wars Revenge of the 5th Mega Battle Day

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Date/s: 05-05-2019
Time: 11am onwards
Game Limit: No limit set
Cost: Free Participation Event
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May the 5th

To Celebrate Revenge of the 5th we are hosting a Mega Battle Day.

Today we are going to use all the FFG Miniatures Games to Recreate the Battle for Scarif from the movie Rogue one.

Legion Games will be played on our beach table will be used to recreate the for land Infantry Battles.

Imperial Assault games will be used to recreate Vadars chase through the Rebel Cruiser

Xwing Games will be used to recreate the arial dog fight above the Imperial Outpost

Armada Games will be used to recreate the space battle above the planet.

All battles will be interlinked and out comes in one will effect game play in the others.