Event - MTG War of the Spark Launch Weekend

Game System:
Date/s: 24-05-2019
Time: Any time during Gaming Hall Trading Hours
Game Limit: Various Formats
Cost: Various across the different events
HOH Data pack:
Official Data Pack:
Event Braker
Key Information:

The Hall of Heroes is going all out to celebrate the launch of War of the Spark.
We are putting on a big launch weekend of events. 

  • To purchase entry to any of these events simply pay in store or contact us on (02) 4625 8020 to pay via Credit card over the phone.  You can also pay via Paypal at https://paypal.me/HallOfHeroesCtown
  • Event: Buy a Box Sealed Event
  • When: Friday 03/05/2019  (Regular FNM Formats are running as normal)
  • Flights Times: 06:00pm
  • Rounds: 3
  • Entry: $20 + Box Price ($160 Early Bird, $170 Pre Order & $180 after release)
  • Format: Sealed. Entry is the purchase of a Display Box of War of the Spark giving you 36 Boosters from which to build a deck. In addition to the Box entrants will be given a packet of sleeves and a drink of their choice.
  • Event: War of the Spark Booster Draft
  • When: Saturday 04/05/2019
  • Flights Times: 11:00am 
  • Rounds: 3
  • Entry: $25 Normal FNM Draft prize pool applies (1 Booster per win) 
  • Format: Std Booster Draft (3 Boosters of War of the Spark)
  • Event: War of the Spark Win a Box (after hours)
  • When: Saturday 04/05/2019
  • Flights Times: 6:00pm
  • Rounds: 3 min
  • Entry: $30
  • Format: Standard.  This will be a little more competitive as the prize pool is top stacked. Prize pool is as follows. All Boosters will be War of the Spark Boosters.
    Pizza is provided between rounds!

  • 1st Place 36 Boosters
  • 2nd Place 18 Boosters 
  • 3rd Place 9 Boosters
  • 4th Place 3 Boosters
  • 5th Place 3 Boosters 
  • 6th Place 3 Boosters 
  • 7th Place 3 Boosters 
  • 8th Place 3 Boosters

  • Event: War of the Spark Standard Showdown
  • When: Sunday 05/05/2019
  • Flights Times: 2:00pm
  • Rounds: 3 min
  • Entry: $10
  • Format: Standard tournament format.