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Event - Star Wars Legion: Operation Silent Hail

Game System:
Date/s: 30-06-2018
Time: Rego: 10:00am
Game Limit: 4 rounds
Cost: $20
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Key Information:



The Hall of Heroes is hosting a Star Wars Legion: Operation Silent Hail Event!
This event will be a Strategic Narrative event. In addition to playing 4 rounds players will recieve an achievement sheet that once completed will earn them additional prizes!

How the Narrative event works!
Time: 10:00am for a 10:30am start
Entry: $20
Game rounds: 4
Round Time: 105 minutes.
Points Limit: 800 points
Minimum Player Requirement: This event requires a minimum of 8 players to run*.

Narrative Information:

A Strategic Narrative event involves players playing 4 1v1 games against a single opponent. Before round 1 begins all players will be assigned a colour - either red or blue. Each players colour will determine their objectives in each mission, as will who won the previous game!
Each round will add to the events narrative, allowing everyone to take part in the story from begining to end!

Round Structure:

Each Round players will use Special scenarios, deployments and conditions given just before each round as the Narrative progresses.
Create your 800 point list following the normal rules for army creation.

Round Schedule:

Rego - 9:30
Round 1: - 105 minute round 9:50 - 11:35
Round 2: - 105 minute round  11:45 - 1:30
Lunch: - 30 minutes 1:30 - 2:00
Round 3: - 105 minute round   2:00 - 3:45
Round 4: - 105 minute round  4:00 - 5:45
Prizes : -  6:00pm

Prize Support:

Players will have faction unit tokens and alternate art cards to earn and win, as well as a best painted commander award!