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Event - Star Wars: Revenge of the 5th X-Wing Kart

Game System:
Date/s: 05-05-2018
Time: 11:30 - close
Game Limit: No limit set
Cost: $15
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Revenge of the 5th (X-Wing Kart)

"Welcome to x-wing Kart!"

The Hall of Heroes is hosting our Revenge of the 5th X-Wing Kart!
This is a Casual Event is for Experienced and New Players to have a bit of fun.

When: Saturday the 5th of May 11:30am
Entry: $15
Game Laps: 3
Minimum Player Requirement: This event requires a minimum of 6 players to run*.
Prizes: There will be a minimum prize pool of one ship valued at least $50 for the winner as well as Alternative art cards for all players. Additional Prizes will be provided depending on Player numbers above 6.


Construction rules

24 points max spend. - Keep your ship simple. Simple ships play faster and it is more enjoyable, Please leave those complex ships at home.

Banned List: Lone Wolf, Hound´s Tooth title, Dead Man´s Switch.

Supplementary rules

The race track will be defined on a 6´x3´ board

Should your ship´s base extend outside of the track or be destroyed it will re-spawn behind the checkpoint you´ve most recently passed at the end of the next activation phase.

Re-spawning returns your ship to play with full shields and no damage, but does not return spent ordinance.

Bumping during a race is extra dangerous and causes each bumped ship to roll a red dice and suffer any rolled damage.

In addition to obstacles such as asteroids, debris and hazards will be present on the track. Crates will have positive effects (Ordinance, buffs, and de-buffs for enemies) and hazards will generally have negative effects.

Bombs cannot be dropped during the first two rounds of play.


Deployment will take place behind the marked start line and will start with the ships with the fewest number of points, ties will be broken by pilot skill with lower PS placing first, further ties will be determined by dice roll.

Winning: The winner is the first pilot to cross the finishing line after the set number of laps (3).


* If minimum player requirement is not reached the event is cancelled or we will run the event with prize support based on the numbers.