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Event - Warhammer 40,000 Duel Strike Doubles Tournament

Game System:
Date/s: 23-06-2018
Time: Day 1 - rego 10:30am
Day 2 - rego 10:00am
Game Limit: 2000pts per player - 4 games over 2 days
Cost: $50 Per Team
HOH Data pack:
docx file, 1.21MB
Official Data Pack:
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Key Information:


The Hall of Heroes Campbelltown is holding a Warhammer 40K Doubles Event!
Below is the basic event information but for full event information including the selected missions and daily schedule please download the player pack provided.


  Event Information:

·         Registration Time: 10:00 am

·         Start Time:

o   DAY 1    - 10:30 am

o   DAY 2    - 10:00 am

·         Point Limit: 4000pts per team (2000 per player)

·         Entry: $50 Per Team

·         Rounds: 4 (2 rounds each day)

·         Round Time: 200 mins (20 mins set up and 180 mins game time)

·         How to Buy tickets:  Tickets can be purchased on line at  Buy Duel Strike Tickets Here .Tickets may also be purchased in store or via paypal by sending payments to



Army lists and Restrictions:

Your army must adhere to the following:

•    Each player must have battle forged army
•    Each player’s list must equal 2000 or less (teams should total of a maximum 4000pts)
•    Each player can only spend the command points granted by their list, it is not a team pool.
•    Each player can only have a maximum of two detachments.
•    Each team may only have 1 Lord of War choice.
•    Unique characters and relics can be taken only once per team.
•    No Forge World
•    Each team must nominate 1 valid team Warlord for the purposes of warlord traits and slay the warlord victory conditions.
•    You must email your teams list to


Players must purchase a ticket by no later than Sunday 17th of June to enter this event.

Players can purchase tickets in store, over the phone or online via our Eventbrite link above.