Event - Warhammer 40,000 Duel Strike Doubles Tournament

Game System:
Date/s: 14-03-2020
Time: Any time during Gaming Hall Trading Hours
Game Limit: 1200pts per player
Cost: $50 Per Team
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Key Information:


The Hall of Heroes Campbelltown is holding a Warhammer 40K Doubles Event!

  Event Information:

·         Schedule :

9:00 am Registration

9:30 am Round One

12:00 pm Lunch

12:30 pm Round Two

3:00 pm Round Three

5:30 pm Presentation

·         Point Limit: 2400pts per team (1200 per player)

·         Entry: $50 Per Team (Shield Bearers Price $20 per player)

·         Rounds: 3

·         Round Time: 150 mins (30 mins set up and 120 mins game time)

·         How to Buy tickets: 


Tickets are purchased in store or via the external ticketing website Eventbrite by clicking here Tickets


Tickets must be purchased by Wednesday the 4th of March.


Army lists and Restrictions:

•    Each player must have battle forged army
•    Each player’s list must equal 1200 or less (teams should total of a maximum 2400pts)

      •    Proxies or "Counts As" are permitted with the permission of the event TO prior to your ticket being bought

      •    Each player can only spend the command points granted by their list, it is not a team pool.
•    Each player can only have a maximum of two detachments.
•    Each team may only have 1 Lord of War choice.
•    Unique characters and relics can be taken only once per team.
•    Each team must nominate 1 overall Warlord for the purposes of slay the warlord victory conditions.

      •    Each player must bring along TWO printed copies of their army lists. One for the TO and one for your opponent.


      Three Maelstrom Missions will be randomly chosen from the 2019 Chapter Approved Book on the day, pages 70 to 77. No uploading of results will be done to any ranking site. Each Team will be required to bring along a set of Tactical Objective Cards (generic or army specific).

If you have any questions about Duel Strike then please contact us at the store on 02 4625 8020 or via email at events@thehallofheroes.com.au

Prizes will be given to First, Second, Third and Best Painted.


      We want this tournament to be a non competitive event.  Given the nature of two combined players per side and Maestrom missions odd situations are bound to arrse.  Any rules query that isn´t obvious will be solved by a dice roll done by the TO. After the event we will collect these and begin to create a pack for future doubles events.

NB: Unless you bring and army with a different primary faction or at least half the models in your army have been changed out at the TO´s discretion players will only be eligible to win best painted once with the same army.