MTG Ravnica Allegiance Launch Weekend
Age of Sigmar : Fall of Heroes

Event - The Hobbit : Forgotten Tales

Game System:
Date/s: 22-04-2018
Time: Any time during Gaming Hall Trading Hours
Game Limit: No limit set
Cost: $15
HOH Data pack:
pdf file, 405.41KB
Official Data Pack:
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Key Information:

Today the Hall of Heroes is hosting the Forgotten Tales tournament.

Once again Adam Jenkinson, local enthusiast of all thing Lord of the Rings, is filling the role of Tournament Organiser.

All event details can be found in the attached players pack above. 

To play in this event you must purchase a ticket by the 15th of April.

You can purchase your ticket through the independant Ticketing Website Eventbrite on the following link Get Hobbit Tickets Here

Tickets can also be purchased in store, by contacting us on (02) 4625 8020 or via PayPal using (please send us a screen shot of your payment to either or message us on Facebook.)