Event - Warhammer 40:000 : Fallen Heroes

Game System:
Date/s: 17-11-2018
Time: 10am until 6pm
Game Limit: 1500pts
Cost: $20 Must be paid by Wed 14th Nov (Ticket cost $22.19 if bought via Eventbrite)
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Key Information:

Today we are hosting Fallen Heroes a 1500pt Warhammer 40,000 Tournament.

This tournament intends to be a casual player suitable tournament.  It is not about winning at all costs. This is not an ITC format event.  If you can not tone down your play to focus on relaxed play then this is not the event for you. 

To secure a place at this tournament tickets must be purchased by the 14th of November 2018.  Tickets can be purchased in store or via the independent online ticketing site Eventbrite.  

The link to purchase tickets on line is Fallen Heroes Tickets

Tickets may also be bought in store or over the phone with a credit card.  

There is no such thing as a stupid questions please submit any questions about this event to events@thehallofheroes.com.au

General rules and restrictions:

1) Up to 1500pts may be spent on your chosen army.  Rules outlined in the Games Workshop Chapter Approved 2018 will be in use. Any official Games Workshop FAQ will be used. 

Army Lists need to be submitted by Wednesday 14th of November preferably using the Battlescribe or equivalent army building software. Three exeprienced 40K players will review each army list.  Players may be asked to redesign verly powerful lists.  If you have an inner power player voice and you are unsure get your list in earlier for consideration. Please submit your lists to events@thehallofheroes.com.au 

2) Any newly released products or FAQ´s published prior to the 10th of November may be used.

3) Up to one Lord of War may be taken

4) Only armies from current 8th Edition Codexes may be taken. NO Forgeworld lists may be taken. Forge World models may only be used as Counts As models for an entry in an 8th Edition Codex

5) At our tournaments we want to encourage dynamic modeling and conversions.  Also a plastic or metal model is static whereas if real the character the model is representing would be moving about and even, we know this will shock some, be able to duck. Therefore Line of sight from model to model must be drawn from the body of one model to the body of the intended target model.  The body includes the head, torso, legs and arms. For the purpose of line of sight we will be ignoring any wings, banners or weapons the model may have.  If you can not use common sense to agree amongst yourselfs call for an umpire to make a ruling. 

6) Terrain will be pre-set. If a player has a concern with terrain placement then they must raise this with an umpire prior to deployment.  

7) Some terrain will be desginated at Line of Sight Blocking by the Umpires. Such terrain will be clearly marked and pointed out to players prior to the start of the game.  This will mostly apply to Forest bases.  In these cases the terrain will have a distinct base which will identify the perimiter of the area of terrain.  Just because there is a 3mm gap between those 4 trees does not necessarily mean you will get to shoot through it. 

8) Models do not have to be painted.  Additional tournament points will be given for painting effort. 

9) Models must be WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).  Non Games Workshop models can be used provided it is clear to your opponent which equivalent GW model your chosen model represents.  Scaling must be comparable to the Games Workshop model it is representing.  If you are unsure please check with the Tournament Organiser.

10) All dice used for “rolling” (i.e. ‘making a roll’) at this event must have all of their denominations (numbers on each dimensionside of dice) clearly legible. They must be able to be interpreted (quickly and accurately) by all parties involved in this event (i.e. the owner of the dice, the opponents of the owner of the dice, any umpire, event staff and TO). 

Examples of disallowed dice – GW Deathwatch, Tzeentch and Daughters of Khaine Dice.

11) This tournament is not a win at all cost event.  Above all else we want players to be relaxed and having fun.  We want you take the army you want to play not the army the internet says has the highest chance of winning.  To this end players are expected to play in a helpful, generous, sporting and polite fashion.

No matter what the outcome of a game is there is always next year or other events.  Some of which may suit you better.  Have fun and enjoy the day.

If a rules dispute does come up these should be resolved in one of three ways.

1)   1) Look in the appropriate rulebook & FAQ and try and resolve it between yourselves.

2)   2) Roll a D6 for it and let chance decide on the outcome.

3)   3) Raise your arm and call for an umpire. The umpire will then either show you the relevant passage in the appropriate rulebook/FAQ and let you know their interpretation and/or make a decision they deem best resolves the matter.

Once a decision has been made it is final.

At the organisers discretion the umpire may apply penalties in the form of points reductions. Examples of why points reductions may be applied could include the late submission of army lists, inaccurate filling out of round results forms, late arrival to the table of a game.  

Anti-social behaviour or cheating will result in player removal from the tournament and venue

What You should bring on the weekend:

1) Two printed copies of your army list.

2) Your army (yeah it has happened)

3) Your Rulebook and Codex. 

4) Tape measure that has inch increments

5) A set of 6 sided dice, pens, and glue (for incidental repairs)

6) 6 Objective Markers (25mm, 32mm or 40mm bases)


Today you will play three games against three different opponents.  Round results will be entered into the Table Top TO tournament software which will choose your opponents by a Swiss pairing system.

Players may request to challenge a specific player in round one for a “grudge match’.  If both players agree that they would like to match up in round one then this will be facilitated.

Players may wish to avoid playing certain players because they are friends, family, club mate or regular opponents. In this case players may request of the Tournament organiser to invoke the “blood rule”.  This will be facilitated in round one. In subsequent rounds a bias will be shown if it will not impact the standings but not guarantees exist from round two onwards.

Missions for each game will be announced prior to each game commencing.

Registration 9:30

Game One 10:00am – 12:00pm

Lunch 12:00pm – 12:30

Game Two 12:30pm – 2:30pm 

Game Three 2:45pm – 4:45pm

Awards Ceremony 5pm 

Awards will be given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and for the best painted army (umpire chosen).


·         Army list submitted on time         5pts

·         Sportsmanship                           0-5pts (player given in consultation with TO each round)

·         Painting (see below criteria)        0-25pts

·         Battle Points 

Win 5pts 

Draw 5pts 

Loss 0pts 

Mission Specific Turn Three Condition    1pt

Mission Specifict Total Victory Condition 1pt 

Slay the Warlord 1pt 

First Blood 1pt

Line Breaker 1pt




Painting Points Criteria

1)   All models in army fully painted with at least 3 colours used                                                  15pts

2)   Details on majority of models painted                                                                                     0-2pts

3)   All models in army have consistent basing texture or paint applied to their bases                0-2pts           

    Models have basic shading, highlighting or blending                                       0-2pts

5)   Models have freehand work                                                                                                   0-2pts

6)   Models have some conversions                                                                                             0-2pts