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Event - Necromunda Campaign Night

Game System:
Date/s: 18-01-2018
Time: 18:30 until Close
Game Limit: 1000 Credits Starting Warbands
Cost: Free Event
HOH Data pack:
Official Data Pack:
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Key Information:

Necromunda Comes to Thursday!

Every Thursday the Hall of Heroes will be hosting games of Necromunda.  As soon as we get at least 6 regular players we will commence a campaign season. 

In addition to the maps provided in the Necromunda Core Set we will provide at least two tables of 3d Plastic terrain for games to be fought over.

Resident store favourite Aidan will be on hand to set up the terrain, answer rules questions, pair up players, update rankings, take photos for our website and social media. Aidan will also be keeping players up to date with the campaign coming and goings with a weekly newsletter. 

Gang battles commence from 6pm. 

Necro Art