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Event - Star Trek CCG Demo Day

Game System:No Game System Assigned to this event
Date/s: 06-01-2018
Time: 11:30am
Game Limit: No limit set
Cost: Free
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Star Trek CCG Demo Day


Do you enjoy Star Trek?


Do you enjoy playing collectible card games?


Then the Star Trek Collectible Card Game is just the thing for you!


In this the Second Edition of the game you will assemble Personel, Equipment and Ships to explore the Quadrants of the Star Trek Universe.


To succeed your personel will need to complete Missions and overcome Dilemas your opponent puts in your way to success. To assist in your Missions, Events and Interrupts will come into play to disrupt your opponent and enchance your efforts.


For this day you do not need to bring anything with aside from your sense of adventure, and naturally your enjoyment of card games and Star Trek.


You will be supplied with a demo deck and play against others who are also learning this brilliant game, as well as having a veteran of the game on hand to shpw you the ropes and answer questions through out the day.


After this day you will be able to add to your collection via where the game is maintained and expanded upon by a group of volunteers whose passion is the game and Star Trek. As you will see adding to your collection and trying different cards and themes is very easy and a great part of the game.


And keep in mind that accessing all the cards for the game is FREE, you just need to print the cards (high quality printing for the best results) and or go online to play against those from around the world or just in another part of Australia.


This demo day leads in to the beginning of a series of events for the Star Trek CCG as the world wide campaign Project Excelsior is getting underway to determine the fate of the Alpha Quadrant! With the idea being to see which Star Trek affiliation can win over three, three month Acts with an evolving story line in between each Act and to start and end each Act. Card pools will also be released before each Act for the affiliations featured in each Act, beginning with three  affiliations in Act One, four in Act Two and five and Act Three, keeping in mind the worst scoring affiliation will be dropped (conquered, retreated, etc) from the next Act. You will have control by playing in events to ensure the success of your affiliation.


Also, each year other events such as monthly touraments, a regional tournament and a national tournament are held for everyone to be a part of.


And this year is very special as the Star Trek CCG Worlds event will feature here in Sydney, this will be a great event over several days of the main tournaments for 1st Edition, 2nd Edition and Tribbles. Expect to see players from Europe and the USA come on down to take the trophies home to their countries, could one of you attending this demo be the one to represent Australia on the world stage and gain the trophy for Australia?