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Event - The Hall of Heroes Christmas Challenge

Game System:
Date/s: 01-11-2017
Time: Any time during Gaming Hall Trading Hours
Game Limit: No limit set
Cost: $15
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The Hall of Heroes Christmas Challenge! 






Are you an aspiring hobbyist? 
Do you enjoy building, modelling and Painting as much as you enjoy taking skulls on the tabletop?
Well The Hall of Heroes has the perfect challenge for you....


You have the month of November until the 17th of December to Build, Convert and Paint one Standard sized Miniature or larger in the Theme of Christmas!


When: 1/11/17 to 17/12/17
Entry: $15

Entries: must be a Standard sized Miniature (minimum) 


Minimum Participant Requirement: This Challenge requires a minimum of 6 Participants to run*. 


Prizes: There will be a minimum prize pool of a Citadel paint set.     




No pre-assembled figures will be accepted.


The Hall of Heroes Staff will be judging miniatures based on, skills of modelling and Sculpting and painting.


The winners will be notified and pictures of miniatures will be published on Facebook. 


Finally, remember that the point of the Christmas Challenge is to help with projects, better skills, showcase the efforts of all those who convert miniatures in our hobby!




That doesn’t seem to bad, right? So what are you waiting for – get modelling!