Event - Firestorm Red Thunder

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Date/s: 15-10-2017
Time: 11:00am
Game Limit: No limit set
Cost: $10
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Red Thunder




Team Yankee Firestorm is a WWIII campaign that recreates the opening stages of the Battle of Germany in August 1985. The Soviet and supporting Warsaw pact forces launch a surprise offensive into Germany, seeking to push the NATO defenders back to and across the Rhine River. Meanwhile, the NATO forces attempt to stem the initial Soviet thrust and counterattack to regain lost ground and possibly liberate parts of East Germany.

Players: 6 – 12
Date: 15 October 2017
Time: 11:00am
Entry: $10

Soviet Generals, do you attack across a broad front, trying to grind down the NATO defenders, or do you risk a series of attacks on a narrow front trying to drive towards Bonn?


NATO Generals, can you hold back the tide, or are you prepared to give ground whilst you muster your troops, counterattacking in key areas to slow down the enemy juggernaut?

Firestorm Campaign System

The campaign consists of a series of Team Yankee games in which players attempt to capture areas from the enemy or recover those lost in earlier games.

When a pair of players want to play a game, they Grab a Victory Pin, place a Battle Arrow, play a Game, Award the Victory Pin, and then Capture Areas.


Each time a player wins a game they receive a Victory pin. Once all the (15) Victory pins have been won, the campaign is over and the side holding cities of the greatest value wins.

Grab a Victory Pin
Players take the lowest numbered Victory pin from the Battle Board, noting the special rules that apply to it.

Place Battle Arrow
One of the players places a Battle Arrow from an area held by their side into an area held by the opposing side. Who places the Battle Arrow is determined as follows.

Surprise Attack
At the start of the war, the Warsaw Pact forces chose where and when to attack, putting NATO on the back foot.
For the first five Victory pins, the Warsaw pact player places the Battle Arrow.

NATO starts to recover from their surprise, but the Warsaw pacts continues to dictate the course of the battle as they break through the NATO defences.

For the second five victory pins, the Warsaw pact player rolls a die.

On a roll of 3+, the Warsaw pact player places the Battle Arrow
Otherwise, the NATO player places the Battle Arrow.