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Event - Guild Ball - The Big Beatdown

Game System:
Date/s: 21-10-2017
Time: Any time during Gaming Hall Trading Hours
Game Limit: 2 Hours
Cost: $15
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Key Information:
The Big Beatdown!
 Welcome Sports Fans!
Hall of Heroes is proud to sponsor and host The Big Beatdown, a Guild Ball tournament event.


When: 21st of October 
Time: 10:00am, dice rolling by 10:30am 

Ticket: $15  (pre-paid tickets are required for this event)
Game Rounds: 3-4 (based on player numbers) 
Round Time: 120 Minutes
Prizes: Store credit will be provided based on Player numbers.
Questions: Contact the event organiser on
or contact The Hall of Heroes on (4625 8020)
Regional cup rules will be used:

This event is all about community building and enjoying the day. Players of all skill level are welcome and encouraged to come out. This is a great opportunity to get 3-4 games in and meet other players. There will be prize support for 1st-3rd place as well as a number of door prizes. (Including a Chibi Captain and Mascot miniature)

If you´re brand new to the game or would like to check it out please contact Aaron Hartwell prior to the event for a demo. Once you´ve got the basics down you´re welcome to borrow a team and come out to play!

Players of all skill level welcome

Please attend at 10:00am sharp as the first round will start at 10:30am without delay.

Results and Prizes will be announced and awarded 15 min after last round.

The event will be played using the Guild Ball Rules and any additional rules and errata published by Steamforged Games

Food and Drinks will be avaliable for purchase on the day.

*Pre-paid tickets are required for this event. No Reservation (e.g Facebook, enrolling on website, etc) will be accepted. Please contact us on (4625 8020) or in-store 7 days prior to the event to purchase your ticket and ensure your placement.