Event - MTG IXALAN Mid-Season LEAGUE

Game System:
Date/s: 08-11-2017
Time: 6:30pm
Game Limit: No limit set
Cost: Free Event
HOH Data pack:
Official Data Pack:
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IXALAN Mid-Season League


The Hall of Heroes invites you to Join us on Wednesday Nights for our IXALAN
Mid-Season L


Upon joining the League each player will receive:

3 IXALAN Booster packs,

1 IXALAN league match card,

1 League card storage box


The League will run over 4 weeks,

Week 1: Wednesday 4th October (3 initial Boosters)

Week 2: Wednesday 11th October (1 additional Boster)

Week 3: Wednesday 18th October (1 additional Booster)

Week 4: Wednesday 25th October (1 additional Booster)


Players Build a 30 card minimum deck: from the boosters packs you will recieve at the start. players can play any number of matches. Matches should be just one game, and each player may take 1 FREE mulligan per match.

Weeks 2,3,and 4: Players may add 1 booster to their pool each week. The deck size must still be a minimum 30 cards.

After 3 losses: Players may purchase and add IXALAN Booster.


Player can join the league at any time and may purchase addition boosters to catch up on lost weeks.