Event - Shadow War Armageddon League

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Date/s: 12-07-2017
Time: 6pm till close
Game Limit: 1 hour
Cost: $10 Per Week
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Shadow War Armageddon League


The Hall of Heroes is hosting its 1st ever Ladder League event for Shadow War Armageddon!


Time: From 6pm
Entry: $10 per week.

Minimum Player Requirement: This event requires a minimum of 6 players to run*.

minimum Prize pool: Of the Dark Imperium Boxed Set, Additional Prizes will be provided depending on Player numbers.

Players may play as many games each week as they like, but can only score promethium caches from each other player once in a week.

Shadow War: Armageddon is as much a game of stealth, subtlty and deciet as it is a game of combat prowess. Each week players will also receive secret secondary objectives that once completed will grant bonus promethium caches! these objectives may take an entire week to complete!

There will be a random mission that will be announced in-store and on Facebook at the beginning of each week, and each mission will only be played once during the league.

Week 1: 14/06/2017

Week 2: 21/06/2017

Week 3: 28/06/2017

Week 4: 05/07/2017

Week 5: 12/07/2017

Players will have 1000 points to create their beginning kill team ready for week 1 of the league. Your Shadow War Kill Team roster may be upgraded and changed following the normal shadow war campaign rules after each match you play.

Every player playing in the league will receive a set of shadow war tokens.

The player with the most promethum caches at the end of 5 weeks wins the league.
There will be an additional prize for the best-painted kill team.

If you can´t make Wednesday evening, you can arrange to play your match during the week in store.

Matches need to be reported to the store the same day.


The Comp will be played using the Shadow War Rules and any additional rules and errata published by Games Workshop.


*If the minimum player requirement is not reached the event is cancelled or we will run the event with prize support based on the player numbers


What are you waiting for, Battle calls!