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Bolt Action Grand Tournament
Kings of War: Fallen Kings Tournament

Event - Kings of War: Campbelltown Carnage

Game System:
Date/s: 02-04-2017
Time: Day 1: 10:00am Rego
Game Limit: 4 rounds
Cost: $10
HOH Data pack:
pdf file, 331.88KB
Official Data Pack:
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Key Information:

Sydney Skirmish Events

The Hall of Heroes is Hosting 2 events as part of the Sydney Skirmish events schedule!

All Events are 2000 point events, using force lists from the Kings of War, 2nd edition rules book or the
uncharted empires book. All rules, as per the Clash of Kings Organised Play Supplement Book, 2017
are to be implemented for the events.

Cost: The cost for each event is just $10. The whole amount will be used for store credit as prizes for players on the day.

Time: Starting at 10am. Four rounds will be played over the day. Games will use Chess clocks but please do not panic – the clocks are there to keep the day on time, and need not be something to be feared!

Scenarios will be randomly determined on the day, from the 12 scenarios in the Clash of Kings Organised Play book.

Scoring will be done using the TTT software. Simply register on the site, and the TO will enter you into the
event. You can then enter game scores and track the event smoothly! all
draws will be determined through this software.

For Full information please read the Player Pack provided.

So we know exact numbers prior to this event (so enough tables are set up) please contact the store either by phone or email to pay and register for this event. Registration cut off is exactly 1 week before the event!