Event - Age of Sigmar : Fall of Heroes

Game System:
Date/s: 16-02-2019
Time: 9:00am
Game Limit: 5 Rounds - Warhost 2000 points
Cost: $50, early bird special $40 if paid before 10th of Jan 2019
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AGE OF SIGMAR: Fall of Heroes



Hall of Heroes with the help of Rico´s Roughriders is pleased to announce our commitment to an annual event known as the Fall of Heroes.

This is a 2000 point two day Age of Sigmar Tournament that will be capped at 40 players with the hope of reaching GT status. There will be a minimum of $700 worth of sealed box product for prizes with first place receiving one of the $280 Christmas Battleforces and many more prizes.


Saturday 16/02/2019

08:30 - 09:00 Registration
09:00 - 11:30. Round One
11:30 - 12:15 Lunch
12:15 - 14:45 Round Two
15:00 - 17:30 Round Three

Sunday 17/02/2019

08:30 - 09:00 Registration
09:00 - 11:30 Round Four
11:30 - 12:15 Lunch
12:15 - 14:45 Round Five
14:45 - 15:30 Results and Prizes

Entry is $50.00 and you can register up till 11:59pm on the 10/02/2019.

Tickets may be purchased in store or over the phone with Credit card.  

Tickets may be purchased via the independant ticket website Eventbrite FOK Tickets Here

Tickets amy be purchased by sending payment to paypal at FOK Paypal

Lists must also be submitted before the 10/02/2019 in a plain text email to events@thehallofheroes.com.au No screenshots or pdfs will be accepted.

Realm, command traits and Artefacts are to be noted on army lists but prayers and spells are chosen before each round. If you have a unit with different options it must be noted which you are using in the list.


We will be using the most recent publications up till the date of the 1/02/2019, any released after this date can not be used.

Painting and Army List Points TOTAL 30TP

Army list submitted on time 5TP
Army list in correct format 5TP
Available painting points 20TP

Available points per game 20TP

Major Victory 16TP
Minor Victory 20TP
Draw 8TP
Minor Loss 4TP
Major Loss 0TP
Secondary Objective Achieved 4TP


Battle plans will be chosen from the Rule Book and Generals Handbook and will be announced on the 11/02/2019


Fully painted army
Warscrolls for your army
Generals handbook and applicable FAQs
At least two copies of your army
Dice and tape measure
6 objective markers
Markers or counters for buffs/debuffs
A tray for carrying your army between games
Calculator or phone with full charge
Deodorant (it can get hot even with aircon)

Painting rubric to be confirmed but any unpainted or models not meeting the minimum standards (see Cancon) will be removed and unusable for the event.