Event - Infinity Tournament

Game System:
Date/s: 04-08-2019
Time: 10:00 am
Game Limit: 300pts
Cost: $15 If paid for by the 14th of July. $20 After this date
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Key Information:

Today we are hosting a one day Infinity tournament.
The Tournament is being organised and rules adjudicated on the day by Gidieon Lim

10:00am Registration. 10:30am Round One

Entry: $15 Early Bird Ticket (Paid for by the 14th of July)
Points: Two alternative 300pt lists - No Special Ops
Game Rounds: 3
Round Time: 120 Minutes
Prizes: Prizes

Tickets can be purchased via the independant online ticketing site Eventbrite (a fee applies) at Eventbrite Tickets

Tickets can be purchased in store either in person or via Credit Card over the phone or via Paypal at Paypal Tickets 

Tickets must be purchased by the 3rd of August.

Players who purchase their ticket by the 14th of July will go in to the draw for a chance to win a Limited Edition Imperial Agent Crane miniatures (pictured below)


Infinity Prizes

Along with their miniatures players will be required to have all dice, templates and markers necessary for their forces.

Please ensure all bases have LoF markings on their miniatures bases.

Rule of Intent - Players can play "intent" to maximise the safety of their units (eg to only see one member of a team or provoke only 1 ARO from visiable enemies).  Don´t abuse this rule and play fair.  Gideon would like to avoid "gotcha" moments due to terrin where opponents may not have the best angle to see particular fire lanes but the same goies the other way.  Declare intent anbd facing so both players are clear.  Sometimes buildings do shift or models do not like facing flush against terrain so it is importanto to let others know as well.

Terrain Guidlines - For uniformity across the event the following guidleines will be used -

 - Muddied Windows: You can see into windows but not through the buidings via windows.  You can see through two open doors or access points if they are both open eg. two opposite armoury doors being open)

- Access points (doors or access hatches) to buildings or other structures (other than the armoury building) can be opened by a short skill.  Opening of the access point occurs in the resolution phase.

- True LoF will be used for objectives that are represented by pieces of terrain.  Objectives that are represented by markers will not block line of fire.

Due to the game now using two lists as standard, it is also mandatory for this tournament that players bring physical copies of their lists on the day to show opponents as well.

Tournament timing:

10:00 - Setup and registration

10:30-12:30 - Round 1 (Firefight)

12:30-1:00 - Lunch

1:00-3:00 - Round 2 (Supplies)

3:15-5:15 - Round 3 (Unmasking)

5:10-5:30 - Pack Up

5:30-6:00 - Prize presentation


1st, 2nd and 3rd Place placed players wil receive ITS season 10 rewards.  Prizes will also be given to the best sport and wooden spoon receipient.

Door Prize: Everyone that plays on the day will go into the running for $50 Hall of Heroes Gift Voucher

Event Prize: everyone that attends will receive a themed event terrain piece by Jackal Laser Design.

Hobby Comp: There will be a painting prize for best painted miniature. For those that arn´t the quickest paint up any infinity miniature that you have to be in the running for a 75mm Morlock Girl thanks to Luxumbra

Infinity Bingo: For those unlucky moments in game.  The first three people to complete a line on their bingo cards will get a $20 TSI voucher.

Prize Support will be increased as participation increases.

Other specifics:

Lists or questions can be addressed to events@thehallofheroes.com.au