Event - Bolt Action: Konflikt 47 Games Day

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Date/s: every Sat
Time: Every Saturday from 12pm
Game Limit: League Event
Cost: Free Event
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Bolt Action: Konflikt 47 Boot Camp

Bolt Action is a great game set during the turbulent years of World War II.

To add to the potential of this great game Warlord Games the company behind Bolt Action added to their range the Game of Konflikt 47.

Konflict 47 is an alternate history game which steps in half way through WWII as we know it.  Konflikt allows you to use all of your Bolt Action figures with a ScFi twist.  

Our owner Matt has wanted to give Bolt Action its own slot on the weekly calendar so has picked a day he is normally in store. So come and join Matt every Saturday from 12noon to play either Bolt Action or Konflikt 47. 

Any size game from 1000pts to 2000pts can be catered for.  If you have less than this then bring what you have and we will loan you some figures from the cabinet or team you up with another player.  Models do not have to painted. 

Gather your armies and prepare for World War Wierd!


konflikt 47