MTG Ravnica Allegiance Launch Weekend
Age of Sigmar : Fall of Heroes

Event - MTG Masters 25 Launch Events

Game System:
Date/s: 16-03-2018
Time: 12 noon each day
Game Limit: Limited Draft
Cost: $60
HOH Data pack:
Official Data Pack:
Event Braker
Key Information:

To celebrate the release of Masters 25 The Hall of Heroes will be running a minimum of 3 events.  More events will be added depending how fast these events run out.

Start time:
16/03/18 7:00pm
17/03/18 11:00am
17/03/18 2:30pm

Entry Fee: Drafts $60 each

Formats: Limited Draft (3 x Masters 25 Boosters) The top three in each event will receive 1x Masters 25 Booster.  In addition we will open one Iconic Masters booster per player.  The cards from these additional opened boosters will be displayed on notice board.  At the end of the event players will choose cards in order of placement 1st to last place (much like a rare draft).  Players will continue to take turns selecting cards until all cards are taken or no one wants the remaining cards.  Only cards from the additional opened boosters are chosen this way players get to keep the card pool they use to form their deck.   

Rounds: 3 rounds

Round time: 50 mins

Player Cap: 16 Players Per Event. For Prize support we will open 

Prizes: Prizes for top 3 in each pod 


This event will have a high demand and will sell out, registration closes the Friday before each event.