Event - MTG FNM Casual Play

Game System:
Date/s: every Fri
Time: Any time during Gaming Hall Trading Hours
Game Limit: None
Cost: No Charge - but you will need an Intro Deck
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Key Information:

Each Friday night we will be hosting a 3 round CASUAL PLAY TOURNAMENT.

" A customer walked in recently and wanted to start playing Magic the Gathering so I suggested a Starter Deck which he took me up on.  All was good and then he said he would like to come along and play in FNM as his friends had told him about it and my first thought was that this poor bloke armed with only an Intro Deck was going to have a tough baptism of fire against experienced Standard Format Players". 

We thought this was not the way we should be thinking about Friday Night Magic so we have decided that we needed an extra event for Friday nights. 

So we have decided to run a relaxed non competitive event each Friday and all you need is an Intro Deck and you can join in.

We are not restricting who can play or putting any additional card restricitions in other than this tournament follows the normal rules for Standard format Play.

However we do want this to be relaxed and beginer friendly.  Therefore we ask players to build decks with a variety of cards and not too many groups of 3 or 4 of the same card.  If it you start to regularly win in the casual tournament you will be asked to move across to the normal FNM Standard event (which costs $10 per night but has a product prize pool).  If you turn up with a Net Deck then you will be asked to join in the normal event.  If you do not know what a Net Deck is or cringe at the thought of making one then you a perfect for our casual play.

The Casual Tournament starts at 6:30PM.  If you want to buy a couple of boosters to add to your Intro Deck and get advice on how to merge these new cards into your play deck then you should feel free to head down earlier than this.

If you have any questions then please speak to a member of staff.