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Event - Vanguard Tournament

Game System:
Date/s: every Wed
Time: 6:00pm
Game Limit: None
Cost: $10
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Key Information:

Wednesday Night Vanguard Tournament

Its time to battle for supremacy and Ride your way to victory every Wednesday Night!

Entry - $10
Registration - 5:30pm
Start time - 6:00pm

Prize support - 2 currant booster packs will be added to the prize pool for each player and distributed based on position from the top down, with the possability of additional bonus prizes depending on numbers.

New Players are welcome and encouraged to join our growing community of card fighters!

Deck Rules & Regulations:

Your playing deck must contain exactly 50 cards and be from only 1 Clan.
The maximum number of cards of the same name in a playing deck is 4.
You must have exactly 16 Trigger Unit types in your playing deck.
You must have no more than 4 total Heal Trigger Unit types in your playing deck, regardless of name.

Only English cards are allowed unless an agreement is reached with your opponent.
Players are requested but not required to use opaque card sleeves and a maximum of 2 layers. (as per Vanguard Tournament Requirements)
Player may use different sleeves for G Units.
Beginning Vanguard must have the same sleeve as main deck.