Event - Flames of War Mid War Grand Tournament

Game System:
Date/s: 01-12-2018
Time: 8:30am Saturday 9:00am Sunday
Game Limit: 80pts plus an optional 10pts of Command Upgrade Cards
Cost: $35 if paid for by Nov 19th $45 after this date
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Key Information:

Sydney Mid War Grand Tournament  
1st and 2nd of December 2018 

Rules: Version 4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
Ken Snell has offerred to take on the rol
e of the Tournament Organiser (TO).                                                                                                                                             
A ticket must be purchased from the store to secure registration.  Tickets purchased before the 19th of November will cost $35.  Tickets purchased after this date will cost $45.   Tickets can be paid for directly in store, over the phone with a credit card.  Alternatively they can be paid for via Direct Deposit or Paypal.  If paying by either of these ways please call the store to receive the payment details.   Due to set up requirements Tickets can not be purchased on the day as numbers have to be firm prior to set up. 

Registrations will only be considered finalised once payment is received. 

This player pack will not be subject to amendment after 1 November. Players should submit questions by email to events@thehallofheroes.com.au
British in Desert

Up to 80 Points may be spent on your army. In addition players may choose to take an additional 10 Points worth of Command Card upgrades taking their army to a combined total of 90 points.  This is approximately the equivalent of 1650pts in the previous rules. 

Players may field armies from Afrika Korps, Desert Rats or Build Cards. US Army (expected September) and Italian Army (expected November) books and relevant build cards will be allowed for play (if available) up to seven days before the tournament commences, this includes any digital or forces official and for version 4 lists that battle front might electronically publish. 

All miniatures are to be fully painted and recognisable as the troops taken. Anyone intending to proxy is to contact staff at The Hall of Heroes and advise – it is a players responsibility to ensure opponents fully understand the components of the army; any confusion will be resolved in favour of the opponent. 
Whilst not everyone may have a North Africa themed army, eastern front or late war painted troops may be fielded as their equivalent troop type. 

In constructing army lists, players should re-read the section of the rulebook on formations and understand how you can bring more diversity to your list. 

Players are reminded that some command and staff teams are now redundant. While it is appreciated that players may still wish to field these from an appearance perspective – any confusion that arises from additional teams on table will be resolved in favour of the opponent. 


Five games of 2.5 hours duration over two days (Day 1 – three games, Day 2 – two games; see schedule). 

Players are expected to be on time for all rounds. Players may be penalised at discretion of TO. 


Battle plans will be used for determining missions before each game. The Battle Plans mission selector allows you and your opponent to choose the most appropriate missions for your forces after opposing players and tables are announced. Each player chooses a plan in secret and notes it down and then both players reveal their selection and consult the table in the expanded mission pack, then rolling to select a mission to play. 

It is a player’s responsibility to bring a personal copy of the expanded missions pack, and to understand the system of Battle Plans. 
Note that due to frequent updates of expanded mission packs – there will be no change to the most current version after 1 Nov 2018.

Link to Battle Plans and Expanded Mission Pack: http://www.flamesofwar.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=5507 

Army List Submission 

Lists are to be emailed to events@thehallofheroes.com.au  by 26 November 2018 for checking. Please include a club affiliation if you wish to minimize chances of playing a local opponent in first round. 

Histories (not mandatory) are to be submitted in hard copy before end Round 1. Histories should not exceed four pages, have lots of maps and pictures, may be humorous or take the form of a set of orders related to your chosen force. 

Referee Decisions 

Old rugby saying ‘…the referee is the sole judge of fact and law.’ 

To that end, it is expected that players will play in a friendly, but competitive spirit. Players will normally resolve questions of interpretation of the rules. The TO will make a decision where requested, and the referee decision will be final (even when the TO is wrong, the TO is right). Players contesting the decision once made will be yellow-carded and their opponent will be awarded an extra VP. Second yellow card is a forfeit resulting in an 8-1 victory to their opponent and a red-card (for a third offence), will result in tournament forfeit (removal) with no refund of entry fee. 

Use of cards is not expected, but the rules are in place as a precaution. 

Draw & Scoring 

Where possible, first round will be Allied v Axis – should any players wish to play a [friendly] grudge match; they are to both email THOH staff and advise. This will only occur in Round One. 

Draw will be based on the Swiss System, matching players on similar Victory Points. No player will repeat a game with an opponent previously played. 

Scoring as per Victory Points in the 1942-43 Rulebook. 

All players will be issued with a results card for recording scores and progress through the tournament. 


Community sourced terrain may be required depending on numbers; primarily to be themed for North Africa or semi-arid Sicily/Southern Italy. Aim is for terrain consistent with the theme/armies to be played from the books/command cards. 


Day 1 – 1st December 2018 
Registration 0830 – 0900 (Table Set Up) 
Game 1 0900 – 1130
Game 2 1200 – 1430 (Best Army Voting) 
Game 3 1500 – 1730

Tournament Function/Dinner TBA 

Day 2 – 2nd December 2018 
Game 4 0930 – 1200 
Game 5 1230 – 1500 (Best Sport Voting) 

The Awards Ceremony will take place as soon as possible after the conclusion of the final game. We urge players to stay for the awards ceremony to cheer and commiserate with their fellow players. 

Awards include: 
1st Overall 
2nd Overall 
3rd Overall 
Best Painted Army 
Best Armies History 
Most Sporting 

4 Limited Edition 2018 Tournament Objectives (pictured below) . 1 each for the top 3 players and 1 random allocation to the rest of the field. 

 Tournament Objective