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Event - Battle of Watling Street

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Date/s: 13-05-2018
Time: Any time during Gaming Hall Trading Hours
Game Limit: No limit set
Cost: None
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Today we will be rolling out our store Roman, Celt and Briton armies (and a few models which look suspiciously Germanic) to play a game to re-fight the Battle of Watling Street.  

If you would like to see a summary of the game we hosted a few years back here is the link to HOH regular event attendee Ralph Hart´s Wargames Blog - Sparkers Blog

Sparkers Blog - Watling Street

The Battle of Watling Street took place almost 2000 years ago when the Romans occupied Britain.  It was fought between a vastly out numbered Roman army of about 10,000 led by Gaisu Suetonius Paulinus against and an alliance of indigenous British tribes led by Boudica.  Boudica´s army strength has been widly speculated on but it is generally accepted that her fighting men, and women, out numbered the romans at least 5 to one.  

Although heavily outnumbered the Roman discipline of fighting in tight ranks saw them fight through to a crushing victory which saw the deaths of around 80,000 Britains to only 400 Romans.  The Battle marked the end of resistance to Roman rule in Britain (at least south of Hadrians Wall) until the Roman withdrawl to defend an embattled Italy in 410AD.

All models will be provided although players are welcome to bring along more period suitable models to join in with.    Again we should be able to muster about 1000 models for the day so this will be an impressive looking battle to play in or watch.